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Mechanical Transplanters model 94 shapes the bed and lays the plastic all in one pass.  The bed shaper is adjustable to shape a 28" to 40" wide bed top up to 8" high. It can be used with 4' or 5' plastic mulch.  It includes two pair of front prebedding discs to prebed and finish bedshaping all at once.  It can be adjusted to shape a flat or crowned bed top to drain surface water away.  The poly liner is standard to reduce drag and wear.  It includes a self starting mulch film system so you do not have to get off of the tractor each time to secure the plastic under the press wheel and bury the edge with soil before starting.  A drip irrigation attachment and a 500# fertilizer attachment is optional.  It is also available as a bed shaper alone, and the mulch layer can be added later to make it a one pass machine.

Model 94


Drip Attachment


Fertilizer Attachment


Bedshaper Only