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2 Row 12MX  $0.00 as shown

Cole 12MX also known as the Pumpkin Planter is a plate type planter for planting medium to large size seed such as corn, pumpkin, peas, beans, cucumber, squash and other similar size seed.  It won't grind up pumpkin seed like other corn planters because of its unique plate design.  It includes four spacing gears and four seed plates for planting corn & pumpkin, peas & beans, red beets, and large beans.  Several optional seed plates are available.  The fertilizer hopper holds 40 pounds of fertilizer.  An optional fertilizer hopper extension increases the capacity to 75 pounds to hold a full bag.  Many tractor mounting brackets are available.  Multi-row planters mount on a three-point hitch toolbar and can plant rows as close as 12" apart.  We use the 12MX as a one row planter on cucumber, squash, pumpkin, and gourds.   Prices from $0.00 per row unit.  Many options available.
In Stock!

1 Row 12MX  $0.00 as shown