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Vegetable Seeders

There are three basic types of vegetable seeders.  Drills, Plate Planters, and Precision Planters.  Drills can plant small to large seeds, spaced closely in the row.  They spout seeds into the furrow like a funnel.  There is little or no spacing adjustment in the row, so thinning would be required if a close spacing is not desired.  Plate Planters pick up mostly one seed at a time in the cell of the plate and drop it into the furrow.  Most plate planters are for medium to large size seed.  They can space seed out in the row by changing the spacing gears.  Precision Planters are the most accurate seed planters available.  They can pick up one seed at a time and space it out very well.  They are high quality planters and their price reflects this.  They use a punched belt, vacuum, or a seed cup system of singling out one seed at a time for planting.  Seeders of all types may be mounted on a toolbar for multi-row planting.  Row spacings between rows are adjusted by clamping the planter on the toolbar at the desired spacing.  It is important to set up vegetable seed planters properly with the options needed to do the best job of planting.