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The Poly Planter is a plastic mulch seeder for seeding corn, beans, cucumbers, squash, melons and other similar size seed directly through plastic mulch.  It uses a Monosem vacuum seed unit to meter seed into the spades.  The spades punch through the plastic and plant the seed at the desired depth.  This planter can pay for itself quickly on 10 acres of early sweet corn.  Incredible snap bean yields of 400 bushel per acre have been recorded when grown on plastic mulch.  It is available with a plastic mulch layer to make mulch laying and seeding a one pass operation.  This is especially important for planting early sweet corn because there are often only a few days during the early Spring to get the crop planted while the soil is dry.  The seed discs can also be drilled to plant two seeds in each hole to enhance germination.  Can plant seeds 6.5" apart and up.

Order six weeks ahead of planting. 

1 Row
16" Spacing


1 Row
8" Spacing


2 Row
8" Spacing


2 Row
8" w/ Layer