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The Bin Dumper requires a 10' ceiling when it is set to dump on a 32" high in-feed belt.   It can handle bins up to 36" tall.  The hydraulic platform squeezes from 27" to 39" as standard.   It dumps 32" high when loaded with a forklift, or 12" high when loaded with a pallet jack (a roller inspection conveyer can be used to elevate produce to a 32" high table).  It takes up  96"  x  58" of floor space and is 94" tall in the lowered position with the 2' legs installed for dumping onto a 32" in-feed belt and the 24" chute extension that funnels produce onto the in-feed belt.  It is powered by 220 Volt single phase motor, and can be wired for 110v.

Bin Dumper Price:  $7,750.00