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This Sweet Corn Counting Line is used to hand sort and automatically count corn being packed into bags or bins.  Marketable corn is taken from the in-feed belt and place on the counting belt.   The corn is then electronically counted when it passes an electronic eye as it falls into the bag or bin.  The counting belt stops when the preset total is reached, and resumes when the four station bagger is manually rotated to an empty bag, or the bin is replaced.  An automatic rotating bagger is optional.  It can pack 750 dozen per hour with 4-5 operators.  Immature corn is dropped onto a trash belt and conveyed out of the packing house.  The machine also keeps track of total amount of corn packed in a day.

Counting Line, 10'


Manual 4 Station Bagger


Automatic Rotating Bagger


Inflow & Outflow Conveyer Belt