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The Lesche Bed Shaper is unique because it is one of the only  bed shapers that can be pulled by low horsepower tractors (25hp) and can be adjusted for the bed height and width.  It's other unique feature is the rear meeker discs that keep the top of the bed loose for planting seeds into, which is especially important in clay soils.  It is available in two models.  Model 4500 can shape a bed 4" high and 48" wide maximum, or 6" high and 40" wide maximum.  Narrower beds can also be shaped.  It is designed for tractors with 60" - 72" tire centers and is priced at $3,550.00    Model 5600 is wider, designed for tractors with a 72"- 84" tire centers and can shape a 4" high bed 60" wide maximum, or a 6" high bed 52" wide maximum or can also be adjusted narrower.  It is priced at $3,800.00