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Mechanical's NEW model 5000 is a cell type transplanter designed for close row spacings.  It can plant rows as close as 12" apart in groups of two or three rows.  It features a narrow planting unit with an offsettable seat and carrousel plant tray holder allowing the operators on the outer rows to be seated outside of the outer planting units. A narrow packing ski is used in place of packing wheels to achieve the narrow row spacings.  The 5000 uses a gauge wheel drive system to drive the planting units.  A kicker shoe spaces the plants in the row.  In-row spacings are adjustable  from 5 1/2" to 26".  It has an adjustable width shoe for planting most size plugs.  Priced from $3,480.00 per row unit, the drive system required is $2,170.00 and drives up to 6 units.  Call for complete pricing and options.