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Vegetable Wash Lines are used to wash, grade, and pack your produce.  They are ideal for cucumbers, tomatoes, winter squash, ornamental gourds, pie pumpkins, potatoes,  beets, turnips, apples, peaches, and other crops.  The 16" wide line can wash about 100 bushel per hour, the 24" wide line can do 150 bu/hr, and the 32" wide line can wash 200 bushel per hour maximum if enough people tend the machine.   A four piece line includes the in-feed belt, washer, absorber, and round table.  The length of the four piece line is 16 feet.  It will also wash zucchini and summer squash with the soft brush installed, which is the only crop we have found that requires the soft brush.

Sizers are available for grading round crops like tomatoes, potatoes, apples, and peaches.  The hole sizes in the punched belts are made to your specifications.  Chain sizers are optional.  Sizers added to the line are placed after the absorber.  Each sizer is three feet long and grades one size.  The side packing table is connected to the sizer to collect the graded produce for packaging. 

16" Width
24" Width
32" Width
40" Width
Four Piece Wash Line 





In-Feed Belt 















Round Table 





Sizer, each 





Side Packing Table 





Side Conveyer, 10" x 48" 





Inspection Conveyer, 5' 





Bin Dumper 





A  3/4 hp sealed motor powers the in-feed belt, washer, absorber, the optional roller inspection conveyer, and up to four sizers.  The round table has its own gear motor.  The in-feed belt pushes produce through the line.  The absorber drip  dries the produce.  The optional roller inspection conveyer allows you to inspect all sides of the produce for quality.  The sizers grade up to four sizes.  The sizers may be equipped with their own gear motor if they are to be taken in and out of the line as needed.

The washer has 8" of clearance under the 2 rows of nozzles.  It has 10 rows of brushes and   uses 1 1/2 gallons of water per minute.  The absorber has 7 rows of sponges and a kick out brush.  There is an optional apple repolisher absorber with four repolishing brushes on the end to polish the apples after washing.  Call for Pricing.